Hour of Code

You may have missed it but Computer Science Education Week was December 8th through the 14th.  This year, I’m proud to say, we participated.  I love this quote from Yahoo! CEO, Mariss Mayer.  We may not have had 100% participation but my hope is we’ll continue to participate in the years to come and grow a little each year.


This week is dedicated to inspiring and raising awareness for computer science. One of the most recognized events during this week is the Hour of Code. This event is organized by Code.org and is in it’s second year of existence. If you go to code.org you’ll find tutorials you can work your way through teaching you how to code. And the idea is to spend an hour working through any of their tutorials. The good news is it’s not too late! Head over the code.org and you’ll still find the Start button to try Hour of Code.  Do you or your students think they don’t need to learn about computer science?  Think again.  Check out this video how important it is for everyone to learn!

And if that isn’t enough, find a guest speaker to Skype with your class to learn more about computer science here.  We were lucky enough to connect with a speaker from Microsoft and learn about her career and education experience.



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