Savings Catcher

If you’re one of the 1.75 billion people in the world with a Smartphone, you’re going to want to read this Fabulous Friday Find post! While I typically try to avoid Walmart for shopping (because living in a town with two local colleges/universities…it’s always crazy) they have given me a really good reason to change my mind.

Walmart has a new tool called the Savings Catcher. You don’t necessarily need a Smartphone and can use their website, but downloading the app will make it a lot easier. See below for links to download the app.

Google Play Store

iTunes Store

It’s a very easy tool to use. Simply create an account and shop at your local Walmart. After shopping, scan your receipt and the app searches all the local competitor’s ads for lower prices. This typically takes about 72 hours to complete. When the app is finished doing it’s work it notifies you if it has found any lower prices and sends you the difference! Yes, that’s right….it gives you the money back 🙂 After you accumulate enough where you feel satisfied you want to spend it, Walmart will email you an eGift card.


No more worrying and traveling to multiple stores to get the best deal. So far after three receipts I’ve submitted, I’ve gotten back $1.95! That may not be monumental savings but every little bit counts! Check out the video explaining how the process works.




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