10 Clever Organizing Hacks for Back to School

New outfits have been picked out and supplies have been purchased from crowded stores. It’s that time of the year….back to school! While this time of the year can be stressful and cause butterflies to flitter about…we’ve got some resources for you to calm your anxiety.


While this post isn’t particularly “tech” related, we think it’s still a lot of fun and you can start your own Pinterest board from the ideas. (If you need help with Pinterest, check out our previous post.)

1. Use a dish rack: the utensil holder serves as a pencil or marker holder.








2. Use a sweater holder to organize paper and files.










3. Hang magazines onto a curtain rod with shower curtain rings.






4. Use a magnetic cooking pan with magnets as a way to see where your students are at all times.








5. Hot glue tacks onto clothespins for an easy way to interchange artwork or anchor charts on a bulletin board.










6. Keep your flashcards in soap holders.










7. Use a Lowe’s toolbox to keep supplies in order on your desk.








8. Keep sharped and non-sharpened pencils in separate jars.








9. Repurpose old cans and hot glue them to make organizational cubbies.


10. Have students make a designated table of contents at the beginning of their notebooks.



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