Free Music for Education

This time of year often brings about the need for various presentations whether it be for the many celebrations or a presentation of learning.  Whatever the goal, you often need music to accompany your photos or videos and while it’s so easy and desirable to use your own music of today’s hits unfortunately you probably don’t have the license to use your music in this way.  But today’s find, Freeplay Music, is a great source to find music to use in your classroom for you and your students, totally free!


They make the licensing process very easy to understand.  Just sign up for a free account.  You don’t have to enter credit card information when you sign up.  Add music to your cart and checkout.  Choose the educational license and you’ll find it’s free.  Once you’ve checked out you’ll see a download button for a mp3 of each song that was in your cart.

Now no more worries of breaking copyright and hoping you don’t get caught!


PS…Happy World Turtle Day!  Helping Turtles everywhere thrive and survive!



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