Bing in the Classroom

Here I am again, writing another post about Bing.  So far we’ve covered using Bing’s daily lesson plans for all grade levels, Bing Rewards, and Bing’s easy image search filters. I promise I’m not in any way on their payroll, although I rarely let an opportunity pass by without putting in a plug for Bing Rewards so that we can earn free Surfaces for our schools.  Hint! Hint!

Back to our Fabulous Friday Find for today! Bing in the Classroom, once known as Bing in Schools, now allows schools to sign up for free ad free searching and strict filtering of adult content.  Earlier in the pilot phase, Microsoft officially launched, Bing in the Classroom this past Wednesday, April 22nd.  This is just another layer of protection on top of our internet filter to help our children learn safely.

You can check out to see if your school is participating. Find your school here!  You will be able to see all Charlotte County Public Schools are signed up!

Also don’t forget, if you haven’t already, help us earn free Surface tablets with Bing Rewards!


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