It is scientifically proven that you will be happier when you maintain genuine connections with your family and friends. This Fabulous Friday we’re going to spread a little happiness and introduce you to a new tool that can help you stay connected…..for free!


ooVoo is a free video chat system with tons of features other services don’t currently allow! Check out the list below:

Group Video Chat: Up to 12 friends and family at once. Yes, I said 12! I mean really…two is company and twelve, well that’s a party!

Free Voice Calls: Free voice calls to any of your friends and family….talk as long as you want.

Instant Messaging: Send free text and instant messages to your friends and family even while you’re video chatting.

Video Call Recording: This feature allows you to record your call and upload it to YouTube!

Video Messages: What if family and friends don’t answer the call?? Send them a recorded message that they can check later 🙂

Send Files: ooVoo allows you to send files that are too big for you to email to you friends.

Screen Sharing: Bring a file or picture into your conversation with Screen Share. With screen sharing, you can get everyone on the same page quickly and easily by adding a graph, chart, or image to your video chat.


Didn’t I tell you that ooVoo was different from all the other services you’ve been using?? You can download it for Mac and PC and there are also free apps for Andriod, iPhone, and iPad. It will work on just about any device you have.

This isn’t just a tool for personal use….it has great potential for the educational environment as well. Stay connected with parents, call in content experts to speak with your students, and record all of it for those who may have missed! ooVoo a class down the road and work on a collaborative project together or have older students mentor younger ones without ever having to add travel to the equation!

Here’s a cute ooVoo commercial we wanted to share below.


Have a Fabulous Happy Friday! ooVoo us!



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