World Water Day

Tomorrow, March 22nd is World Water Day.  Have you thought about how much water you used the first hour of your day?  Can you imagine having to use dirty water?  With the technology we have today it seems unimaginable that anyone would not have access or not be able to afford clean water.  Unfortunately it does exist and even more unfortunate innocent children grow up in these conditions.

It’s especially important for those of us that have freely available access to such a basic necessity of life to recognize and educate our children and others of the importance of water conservation and to help those without access all over the world.  I hope today’s post inspires you to talk about and remind your students to appreciate something we so easily take for granted (myself included) and look for ways to make to take care of our water for our communities and also everyone, everywhere.

Here’s a few of many resources to find searching the internet to teach your students about all things water:  EPA Water Sense Kids, and many more.

And if you have a smart phone you can help make a difference with little effort right now!  Take a minute to watch how you can use your phone to donate a day of clean water by not touching your phone for just 10 minutes.

Just visit from your phone, put it down and watch as you earn water.  Hurry don’t delay as these matching sponsorships are available through March 31st!  I just helped fund 6 days of water this morning.  How much can you earn?!


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