Search and Earn with Bing Rewards

Grocery stores started offering them, then all the credit card companies started offering them and now a search engine, Bing, has them!  What is it that they all offer?  Reward Points!  Accumulate points and redeem them for all kinds of rewards!

What can I get, you ask?  RedBox rentals, numerous gift cards to places like Applebees, Starbucks, Amazon just to name a few, and my favorite reward Bing for Schools!  Help your school earn FREE RT Surface Bundles!

bing-for-schools surface

So what do you have to do?  Just sign up and search!  It really is that easy!

You’re ready to get started?  Great!  Join with your Microsoft or Facebook account you already have.  When you’re ready just click the “Get Started. It’s Free!” button on the Bing Rewards page.  Check out their video of how it all works also on the Bing Rewards page.

Don’t wait!  Start earning right now!  Spread the word and let’s starting earning FREE Surfaces for our schools!


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