Collect, Organize, and Inspire Your Students: All With Pinterest

I’ve spent the last few months “pinning” away my favorite recipes, photographs, and funny quotes with my Pinterest account and the thought struck me….hey, this is a resource that would be great for students too! This Fabulous Friday we’re going to start a classroom board!


Think of Pinterest as an online bulletin board, hence the name…users pin things that interest them. Users create “pins,” meaning pictures and links originally found on other websites, and put them on “boards” for organizing.  Users can share or like pins on others’ boards by “repinning.” Boards can have any theme. Some common boards that educators on Pinterest have are “Back to School Ideas,” “Classroom Decoration Ideas,” and subject specific boards. Even major organizations have boards with resources! Check out these below:

National Art Education Association

Education World

Buck Institute for Education

VSTE: Va Society for Technology in Education

Other than surfing Pinterst for great ideas, users can create their own boards and have multiple people “pin” items to it. It’s a great way to collaborate with other teachers – share ideas, resources, videos, news articles, infographics and images. You don’t have to be working in the same school, or even the same country, to be able to work on the same collection of resources.

So, we see that Pinterest can be great inspiration for teachers but why is Pinterest a good resource for student use? Since Pinterest uses images to convey thoughts and ideas, it would be appropriate for all grade levels! You can set up a Reading or Science board with links to various websites for your students to use in the computer lab or while at home. You can also display student work all in one place by pinning it to the same board…and comment on each piece! The options are endless!

Here is a short tutorial for setting up your first board:


2 thoughts on “Collect, Organize, and Inspire Your Students: All With Pinterest

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