Bing for Schools


Today’s Fabulous Friday Find probably isn’t a new idea to you but rather another resource in our ongoing pursuit to teach our children digital literacy.  For many of us Google is our first instinct for searching online and we even had a post earlier this year about using Google to also teach digital literacy earlier this year.  But Microsoft also wants to help and provide you with a similar resource using their search engine,  The biggest difference you will first see is just that, the visual difference.  Bing uses a different picture each day and it contains links to interesting facts and ideas about the picture.  It truly is a great conversation starter!  And that’s what Microsoft uses to offer lessons at different grade levels that encourage critical thinking and are aligned to Common Core standards.

Here’s an example.  This is to today’s picture and lesson for elementary students.


From space, the East Coast may look small, but how many miles span between Long Island and Washington D.C.?

Checkout how these students and teacher use Bing in their classroom.

Find more pictures and lessons like this from Microsoft using Bing here.


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