Say Cheese


I’m writing today’s Fabulous Friday Find to inspire not only you but also myself! I’m famous for remembering to bring the camera but then I never doing anything with the pictures. They sit right on the memory card while the rest of my family always ask about sending them pictures. Or even better, I forget my camera but another family member has there’s and I never get the pictures from their camera. So today’s find is all about sharing pictures and some different ways to do this.


Shutterfly helps solve all of my problems of sharing pictures. Some of you may already know and use Shutterfly to order prints or even create really neat items like mugs, blankets, Christmas ornaments, ect. but you can also use Shutterfly to share pictures about an event, sports team, club, classroom, or trip. For instance if your class takes a field trip and several parents or students take pictures, you can use Shutterfly as a central place for everyone to share pictures of the trip. And users can share comments about those pictures as well. You can setup the site so that other members (signup is free) or visitors can add to the site as well and you can keep this site private if you want to control who has access. You can check out all the details here!

Also as a reminder here are a couple of other ways to compile and share pictures.

• PowerPoint – 2010 has an easy way to put a folder full of pictures into slides with only a couple of clicks. And also now in 2010 you can turn this into a video with a couple of click. Here’s a tutorial from Office.

• MovieMaker – Here’s a link for instructions.

And don’t forget last week’s find Powtoon can also be used to share pictures.

Here’s a sharesite I made last summer of pictures from the R-H Land Lab.


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