Do you ever feel like using PowerPoint is kinda like Jason in the “Friday the 13th” movie and the only way to kill him/it is to send them back to their original resting place? (where he drowned in 1957 in the Lake Forest Green, Crystal Lake) Do you wish you could add a little animation and excitement to your thoughts and ideas? Are you looking for a resource that will let your students CREATE?! This Friday (the 13th) we’ve found something truly shocking. Let us introduce you to PowToon.


Keeping your students engaged is hard. PowToon generates excitement and motivation in any classroom – no matter the age of the student. Even better than creating a free account…once you create a Powtoon, it’s yours forever to do with as you wish! A free account will let you:

  • Create videos that are SD quality
  • Create unlimited Powtoons
  • Unlimited social sharing of your videos on PowToon.com
  • Up to 30 YouTube Exports per month
  • Each Powtoon is up to to 5 minutes long

Take just a minute to view the one we created below. It only took about 15 minutes to put together.

So, what makes a really great presentation….even if you don’t want to use Powtoon?? Here is a fantastic resource you can use with your students when you begin planning your presentations throughout the year: The Five Best Presentations Ever

F.Y.I. If you think that a free account isn’t enough for your needs, they also have education plans just for teachers! So, check out these examples and try out Powtoon for yourself!

Friday the 13th Tips
(Especially if you find yourself spontaneously in a horror movie)

Turn on the light before you enter a room.
If you trip, get up and run.
Don’t travel where your phone has bad reception.
If you’re in a group…don’t split up.
Don’t run upstairs if you need to escape.
Check the back seat before getting into a vehicle.


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