Need a super simple way to text all your students or any type of group and without giving out your personal cell phone number? You’ve got to try this week’s Fabulous Friday Find! 


In less than five minutes you can sign up and be ready to send messages.  Your students, or whoever you choose, can subscribe to your class/group even faster…all you need is the ability to send and receive text messages from your cell phone.  Have a Smart Phone?  Even better since you’ll be able to download and use the Remind101 app.  All your students or group members need to do is send a given text message to a given number and they’re subscribed!  Check out this page on Pinterest for ideas of how to Remind101 with your students!  Also, here’s a link to all the simple little details of how and what Remind101 is and also check out these Best Practices

Check out this short video that describes the way Remind101 works:


We’ve setup a “class” so if you’d like to subscribe text in your message @a716f to the number (571) 384-3668!  It’s that easy!  We just might be sending some information later next week about an upcoming contest to enter!  Hint!  Hint!




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