Our Back-to-School Survival Guide – In 5 minute video clips!

The first few weeks of school are exhilarating  and exhausting for teachers. Between establishing a classroom community, building meaningful relationships with students, and getting all the rules and paperwork organized…time can seem to fly by. How do you settle down all those kids who have been running free all summer and make both yourself and your students ready to dig in again to the work of teaching and learning? How do you focus on your classroom’s culture while also managing the piles of paperwork and the housekeeping tasks that inevitably come up those first few critical weeks?

This week’s Fabulous Friday Find is a back-to-school survival guide organized in short 5 minute video segments. These time-saving tips and tricks are sure to get you started on the right foot or right two feet! And don’t forget, start your year off by really getting to know your students! Here are two of our favorite beginning-of-the-year projects.

In My Life Project

Reflection Shoes


Our Survival Guide Video List:

Creating Classroom Rules

Room Layout Checklist

Sesame Street Back-to-School

Secondary Ideas for First Day of School

Celebrating Student Achievement

High Tech High Five

Fishbowl For Discussions

Attention Getting Signals

Ask 3 Then Me

Classroom Management

Do you have your own tips that you’ve used and polished for years now? Please share them with everyone below in the comments section.


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