The iBaby

This Fabulous Friday Find is certainly FABULOUS! I couldn’t think of a better day of the week to have a baby, now that I think of it. Please welcome our newest little iBaby to the world!


Emily (co-blog owner) had a sweet baby girl this morning! She was born at 8:01 AM. Please welcome Kendall Hope George to the world. She is 7lbs, 1oz and 20″ tall.

Her birth made me ponder what kind of world little ones these days are entering and also how education will change before the 5 years pass when she enters Kindergarten.

Today’s babies are definitely digital natives! They grow up in a world saturated with media. Information no longer needs to be memorized and retained and skills such as problem solving and communicating are much more sought after in today’s job market. You don’t need to know the answer….but be able to find the answer. So, how do we go about helping all our little iBabies out there use technology to their advantage? How can we harness their creativity and meet them where they are…because they are growing up in a world where the internet has always existed. (Next time you are teaching your kids in a classroom…tell them you are older than The World Wide Web, which didn’t come online until 1992…it will blow their minds haha).

A few ideas that come to mind to address these questions are to know what those skills are that students will need to know. Tony Wagner identifies them in his book entitled, “The Global Achievement Gap.” He calls them the 7 survival skills. These were combined into a rubric which can be found on our blog under the Free Resources tab. It’s also important to allow students to explore their own interests and passions, which we have discussed in detail in previous posts. As far as technology devices are concerned, let your kids teach YOU! I’ve seen kids pick up an iPad and purchase an app in under 10 minutes without knowing the device. Allowing students to teach us a thing or two will empower them and build meaningful relationships. Let us know your thoughts on this Fabulous Friday! Also, don’t forget to wish the newest member of the family your warmest congratulations!


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