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With internet access available almost everywhere on some sort of device, you probably don’t find yourself utilizing the public library as much these days.  You can now accomplish just about everything from home that you once could only do at the library.  But I don’t think libraries will ever become a thing of the past nor do I ever hope so.

If it weren’t for a library I’m not sure how I would have made it through college.  For me there’s just something so inspiring about the appearance and atmosphere in a library.  Maybe it’s being surrounded by so much information or being with other people working to advance their learning or having a space to get lost in a good book or project with no distractions.

As much as I love a library, unfortunately, I don’t find myself able to use the library as I did in college.  But I’m excited this summer to introduce my four year old daughter for the first time to a library.  It’s so rewarding to share your passion with others and it was even more special when she showed just as much enthusiasm for the library as I had hoped.  Sure, she’s going to read just as many books if not more from her Kindle and who knows what other device she’ll have in the future but I still have that same proud feeling when I see her “reading” in her own way a book she chose from the library.


So I encourage you to check out your local library this summer if you don’t already.  Find a good book to get lost in or for those fortunate to live in more populated areas the library offers many other events for a variety of ages.  Be sure to check out your local library!

“Anyone who thinks this world is without magic, hasn’t been to a library.”  Amy Dominy, Author



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