New Requirements for Licensure – 2013


As many of you may know, the Virginia General Assembly has issued new requirements for licensure and renewal effective July 1, 2013. Any person seeking to obtain a Virginia Teaching License must now obtain certification in the following:

  • Emergency first aid
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • The use of automated external defibrillators (AED)

If you’re new to the profession or it’s your first time renewing, let’s start at the beginning. Every five years, educators are required to renew their license. Most of you will probably fall into the “Collegiate Professional” category if you are a classroom teacher.

Individuals who hold the following five-year, renewable licenses:
-Collegiate Professional

-Division Superintendent

-Postgraduate Professional

-School Manager

-Technical Professional

-Vocational Evaluator (no longer issued in Virginia)

-Pupil Personnel Services

There is currently a 31-page manual on the subject that you can read in your spare time…but we’ll break down the basics for you. You can also check out the VDOE licensure page…it’s pretty packed with information.

1. You need 180 professional development points

  • These can be obtained by:-College credit (A minimum of 90 points in the content endorsement area shall be required of license holders without a master’s degree. Course work must be completed at a regionally accredited two- or four-year college or university.): 180 Each  3-credit course is worth 90 points
    -Professional conference: 45
    -Curriculum development: 90
    -Publication of article: 90
    -Publication of book: 90
    -Mentorship/supervision: 90
    -Educational project: 90
    -Professional development activity: 180

2. Each of these categories has a maximum value that can be obtained, which I listed beside the title. (Be sure to save conference programs and curriculum development info…file it away until you need it.)

So, basically….you can take two 3-credit college classes and be done. Or, you can take one 3-credit class and couple that with attending some professional development that your school division offers, attend a few conferences, or adopt a student teacher for a semester and you’re home free. Remember, you have five years to get all of this done and if you break it down to only one or two items each year….it’s much more manageable. Don’t forget your $25 renewal fee.

For those of you who are professionals at re-certification, let’s jump ahead to this new requirement. Everyone is going to have to take a CPR class in order to renew your license. But, the best part is that we’re making it easy for you! Below are two courses that have been approved. One is by the American Heart Association and the other is from the American Red Cross. The course from the AHA even has an online component if you prefer not to take it entirely in the classroom!


You can search through the American Heart Association’s website to find a class near your area. You’re looking for the class called: Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED. (The course from the ARC that you’re looking for is called: CPR, AED, & First Aid Certification.)  Here is the link that provides more information about the course. No specific fee is listed for this class because it all depends on the location. They get to choose their own cost.

You can also take part of this course online. This is a great option for those who prefer to take their time and learn independently at their own pace. The cost for this option is almost $40.00. You still have to travel and perform your hands-on skills practice and complete the testing session with an authorized AHA Instructor or  Heartsaver Skills Evaluator but, most of it is online.

You should also contact your local school division. Your school nurse probably has a lot of information about getting certified….fingers crossed that she may even be a trainer!


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