PBL Week – “What is remarkable about a PBL graduate?”

Experts and Newbies Blog

We’ve featured the Buck Institute for Education in previous posts but today we want to highlight a post on their blog as our Fabulous Friday Find.  This week,  6/17 – 6/21, they introduced PBLWeek as a way to celebrate the PBL graduate and ask an important Driving Question about students who have experienced PBL in their school:  “What is remarkable about a PBL graduate?”  Share your answer or hear about what others are sharing through #PBLWeek on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Edmodo, Google+, Facebook and LindedIn.  The official board will be on compiled on Pinterest.

And check out PBL World, a BIE conference taking place also this week about PBL.  We’re guessing your summer plans unfortunately didn’t include a trip to California to attend PBL World.  That’s ok, check out the Online Community section of PBL World and find many ways to connect through Twitter (#pblworld), Edmodo, and the Experts and Newbie blog.

Wow, that’s a lot of ways to connect and learn about PBL Week and PBL World.  But check out at least one of these as you lounge by the the pool or wherever your favorite relaxing spot may be for the summer.  And what better way to end today’s find than to celebrate and recognize today as the official start of SUMMER!  Woo Hoo!


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