Mission Trip 2013 – Igniting Student Passion

hola amigos!

This Friday I (Jen) am excited to share with you my most recent mission trip experience. For the third year in a row, I have had the opportunity to travel on an international mission trip. This year, I traveled to Honduras to serve the people there. For those who don’t know, Honduras is located in Central America.


You may be thinking to yourself, “Why are you bringing this up as a FFF?” Well, this week I want to share with you a personal experience and show you how it can relate to your classroom. This trip was organized through my church and we are involved with a separate organization located in Midlothian, Virginia called The Friends of Barnabas Foundation. If you have a few minutes, please check out the link and read about FOBF. They are pretty fabulous! Our team was comprised of 15 people: medical professionals, translators, and laypeople. We spent one week in the remote mountains of Central Honduras, visiting a different village each day. We provided basic medical care, administered anti-parasite medicine and Vitamin A, as well as performed eye exams (providing glasses to those who need them), and simple flouride treatments. This year we had almost 2,000 patient contacts in 5 days!

If you happen to get the chance to talk to me for more than a few minutes you will quickly identify this passion within me and my love for missions. Modeling in the classroom is extremely important. If teachers want passion from their students, then teachers need to be passionate in the classroom. Part of our job as educators, is to ignite and inspire students to identify the things they love in this life. No matter what the curriculum or the tests and assessments that are put forth before us, we can still share what we love with our students and I believe when you do this, a positive learning environment will evolve, students will become excited about the work before them, and doors will be opened for students to explore their own interests and passions through the content and skills you are teaching them.

So, what do you get really excited about? What moves you? Please share with us a passion you have for life! I also ran across an interesting article on Edutopia….click the link to read more about passion in the classroom.

Without further delay, below are a few pictures from my trip! (P.S. if you would like to support this amazing work we are already preparing for next year!)







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