Landfill Harmonic

landfill harmonic

We’ve all heard the expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  This week’s Fabulous Friday Find is similar but with a totally different spin.  “The world sends us garbage.  We send back music.”  Check out this inspiring YouTube video about an orchestra in a Paraguayan slum composed of kids who turned literally garbage into instruments.


Check out their Facebook page about this Recycled Orchestra and the Landfill Harmonic Movie!

landfill 2

Do you have an idea, a dream, or project you’ve been wanting to achieve but keep putting off because we don’t have the money, we don’t have the resources, we don’t have….  These all may be true but what we DO have is a choice.  The easy choice is we can’t do this because we don’t have ______ fill in the blank.  The better choice is deciding we can and deciding to put in the possibly overwhelming hard work to make it happen.  Talk to everyone within distance to hear you and take it global with today’s online technologies.  You’ll be amazed at others ideas and stories.  Don’t have the money?  There’s tons of funding resources out there, you just have to dig around and look for what’s right for your project.

 Never, Never, Never, Give Up!  No Excuses!  It’s Your Attitude!  If you’ve been with CCPS during our last ten years, these should sound familiar.  Thank you Dr. Hackney for helping us grow and encouraging us to choose what’s right no matter how difficult! This Fabulous Friday Find is dedicated to YOU!


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