10 Apps That Will Change Your Life

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Technology can only be life changing if it enhances or improves something you already do. Your iPhone/Smartphone can’t make you exercise more or change your diet. But it can help you make your life more social, more creative, and way more fun. With so many apps aimed at helping you take care of yourself and your life, your device can be that source of support and inspiration — plus all the nerdy statistics and facts you’d ever want.

If any of you are like me…you feel lost without your phone, and iPad, and laptop…all of these things make my life easier and keep me connected no matter where I am. So, in our information age of busyness, how can we get these devices to work for us instead of against us. For example, if you take notes on paper and are looking for a digital avenue…you will only stick with using something new if it allows you to do it easier and faster! With over 700,000 apps (applications) available and 50 billion apps downloaded since Apple’s inception, the options for improving and speeding up the things you normally do are numerous…to say the least.

Below we have compiled a list of our favorite 10 (of the over 700,000) that could potentially change your life! They are all FREE and we hope you will find one you like as much as we do. Take the summer and explore the world with Google Maps, find that really good deal for an overnight escape with Living Social and always be prepared for that emergency with the American Red Cross. Almost all of these apps can also be found in the Google Play Market so add them to your Smartphone too!

Click on each image below to find it on iTunes.

Google app


everest app.png

Key Ring



Red Cross




Did we miss any of your favorites?? Please share with us below!


2 thoughts on “10 Apps That Will Change Your Life

  1. Reblogged this on iOS Affairs and commented:
    I can attest to the fact that something as innocuous as an iPhone, or iPad in my case, can change your life. I honestly don’t remember how I got by without my devices. I know people who think this type of statement is indicative of over-reliance on technology, but I disagree. I think it depends, as usual. What might be over-reliance for 1 person may be lifesaving for another. For instance, a person who uses their devices to the exclusion of human interaction may have a problem with over-reliance. But, a person who is disabled, isolated, or in some other way impaired may find a whole new life waiting for them with the help of these devices. They may forge new types of relationships & bonds with people that would be impossible for them without the devices. Technology & devices in this context can open up a world that was closed to a person in this situation. Always remember before you make sweeping statements that technology is over-used or just bad that there are almost always exceptions. There are always going to be people who don’t fit nicely into the world as you’ve organized it. Black & white are nice as colors to paint with, but I find that the world is mostly shades of gray.

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