Grandma Got STEM

What a week of celebrations!  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  Happy Nurse Appreciation Week!  And Happy Mother’s Day!  We chose this week’s Fabulous Friday Find inspired by all of these celebrations of appreciation and it is also a perfect example of last week’s “Find”.


Have you ever heard yourself or someone else say “This is so easy my Grandma could do it”?  Started by Rachel Levy, a mathematician at Harvey Mudd College, this blog is to celebrate women’s work in STEM, particularly grandmothers.  With such an unusual title, you just have to check it out.  This is just one example of many sites seeking to promote and educate everyone on STEM careers.

Another note we’d like to make is we often see our students looking up to celebrities in the media spotlight but often it’s mostly because of the person’s looks, athletic abilities, and other talents while they may not be positive influences on society.  That’s certainly not true of all celebrities but the point is that so often no one turns our students’ attention on to the people, not just grandmothers, that have changed our world and made a positive difference in a STEM career. These accomplishments don’t often catch the media’s eye!

While we can’t change who the media chooses to glamorize, this blog also shows how anyone can have a voice through a blog.  Check out last week’s “Find” if you missed it about blogging.

So to bring all the celebrations together…


Thank You to our Teachers who touch the lives of our children.  You may be the only one who opens their eyes to the possibilities of a STEM career.

Thank You to our Nurses who chose a STEM career and also touch the lives of our children in so many ways.

And Happy Mother’s Day Weekend, including our Grandmothers!


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