5 Reasons You Should Start Blogging

After nine months of blogging, we want to take a moment to reflect on the year and give you a few reasons of why we began in the first place. This Fabulous Friday Find is intended to give us an outlet to write about things we are interested in. We run across “cool” stuff all the time and it’s nice to research and find things that others are using. Secondly, we are writing for you…the reader. We don’t post everything we run across, only the really good stuff! We do that because through our discussions and traveling we find out what is important to you and what resources you are looking for. Did you know we find all this just for you?! So, without further rambling….this week’s find is to encourage you to begin blogging for yourself!

blogging mindmap

I know that those who blog strongly encourage those who don’t to give it a try but I don’t know if you really see how beneficial it is until you actually commit to it. So, if you’re considering blogging here are some answers to those questions you might be asking yourself before you begin.

1. No one wants to hear what I think do they?

Really? We started to blog not to have others read but really to initially talk to an audience of two – ourselves. Sitting down and talking about something – addressing a topic has helped us to see what we think and feel about a topic. issue, and resource. A blog is your way to explore what your role in education is and how you view your area. If others want to read it – fantastic – but ultimately a blog is for you.

2. It’s a lot of pressure to come up with post topics isn’t it?

The beauty of blog posts is that the best ones are short. They address one issue and are on things that you do, wonder about, or have had to overcome in your classroom. So think about the how, why, when, or what of what goes on in your classroom…there are lots of topics there.

3. I don’t have time to do it do I?

Time is a problem for us all. But remember – you aren’t writing a term paper or planning a speech. Your short comments/instructions should not take that long to get down. If you find yourself spending too much time on it then is it really a blog topic? – or is it more than one that could be spread out over several posts? If you still are finding that you don’t have time….have your students take turns posting ideas and reflections for your class. You can ease into it 🙂 What’s even better is that since the internet can be accessed from virtually anywhere, even over the summer, you could ask your students to send you stuff and you post them when you’re not in school.

4. Is the internet really safe for me to post my thoughts and ideas?

Learning by doing is  the best way to teach students . You preach hours on what online safety is all about but that would never equal a hands-on activity in an online environment where students see in action what online safety threats mean. Blogging enables both you and your students to experiment with online safety and make better informed decisions on how to protect yourselves while using the net. Short answer: Yes, it is very safe!

5. How will this benefit my students?

Blogging can bridge the gap between the home and school connection. Parents can easily get engaged in their kids learning by checking the classroom blog. They can also take part in the learning that is taking place in the classroom by providing their own comments and connecting with other students and teachers through the the class blog. By the way, don’t forget that by blogging you have an authentic audience, you’re creating an online classroom community, and even creating global connections!

So, are you ready?? Here is a list of a few places where you can start blogging for FREE! Sign up and send us your link. We want to follow YOU!






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