Power My Learning

With SOL testing beginning you may have put your thoughts of summer plans aside or they may be what helps you get through the stressful times. But have you thought about your students’ summer plans? We hope they’re resting and relaxing as well but we also hope they don’t forget all the exciting learning that happened in your classroom during the school year. Do you have anything prepared to help guide your students to resources when you’re not there? Or for the parents who want to help their child but need ideas and suggestions? This week’s “Find” is just one of many resources you might want to look into for students to use at home or over the summer.

power my learning


Created by the nonprofit CFY, PowerMyLearning includes digital games, tutorials, and interactive simulations for K-12. All of the digital assists included in the site are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Educators can organize the digital learning activities into customizable playlists that can be assigned to specific classes or students. CFY has selected the websites with dozens of playlists that can be used “as is” or customized to suit educational needs. Educators and families can view students’ activity on the site. CFY plans to expand the K-3 assets with the inclusion of more than 1,000 activities for lower elementary students.



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