Lions, Tigers, and QR Codes?

So, what is a QR code? It’s short for “Quick Response” and it is (usually) in the shape of a square. It looks like a bar code with black splotches instead of lines.

What do you do with a QR code? When you see one, you can use your smartphone or any mobile device with a camera, QR code reader app, and internet access (i.e. iPod) to scan the square. Once you scan it, the code will point your device to the web-based location set up by the code creator.” This excerpt was taken from an article on Edutopia and explains our Fabulous Friday Find!


QR codes are easy to produce and fun to make. These souped-up bar codes can pack a lot of information in a little bit of space. Perhaps you’ve seen the crazy looking squares in print advertisements and on various consumer goods to promote deals or contests. Or maybe you’ve seen QR codes on the wedding invitations of highly efficient friends. QR codes are even being placed on gravestones to share video stories of the deceased. Check out this short clip that explains how they work.



So, what does this have to do with my classroom? This is a very short list!

1. Teachers can use the codes to kick off electronic scavenger hunts, create audio or video book reviews in school libraries, and promote upcoming school events.

2. Bring a bulletin board to life by placing the code linking to compelling video or audio and/or a short quiz underneath images.

3. Create an interactive museum which links to digital student-created content.

4. Create stations for those math and literacy games you would like families to practice and enjoy at home on exhibition nights.

5. Is there a special basket, bin, or shelf in your library devoted to an author? Use a QR code on that basket, bin, or shelf to instantly pull up videos of the author discussing their life, their favorite books, or tips on writing.

6. Market your school’s work like you mean it! Place QR codes on brochures and other media available to the public which links to the school’s website and student work for sale.

7. Take your kids on a tour of the school on the first day, guided by QR codes. Scan the codes with your iPads or phones and they play can videos of school personnel introducing themselves (secretary, nurse, librarian, etc.). So fun!

This video from a school in Pennsylvania gives many more ideas on how to incorporate these little squares in your room.


There are numerous FREE QR Code generators and readers available. Below are three examples to try!


QR Stuff




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