Finding Your Center Calm

(In a Zen-like voice please read the statements below.)

Relaxing – Taking just a minute, I sit comfortably. Gently my breath slows down. I relax my body. I let go of speed, of the rush and push of thoughts. Relaxing – Letting go of these thoughts. I become still. I become peaceful. Peace flows through my mind. I am peaceful, calm, relaxed.


Today’s Fabulous Friday Find is something to set the mood for your Spring Break.  And it’ll probably continue to come quite in handy as our school year wraps up.  I’m sure we’ve all been counting down the days and maybe even hours and minutes at this point 🙂  Our breaks are a time to rest, relax and rejuvenate.  And this is also the point of this website, a place to relax online.

The name of the website,, says it all.  It’s so simple but many of us find it so difficult (ourselves included) to take a moment to really clear our mind and just be still.  What a difference it can make, including making us more productive and efficient at resolving our challenges at that moment or throughout the day!


We hope you have a fabulous Spring Break!


The mountains may move, and the hills may shake, but my kindness will never depart from you. My promise of peace will never change,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10



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