Search Literacy: “Googling” for Learning

Wait a minute!  Is “Googling” a real word?  Let’s Google it to find out!  Or should I say “Let’s use Google to find out?”  OMG!  Eighteen gazillion results were returned!  I can’t read all that!

Ok enough of the drama 🙂  Here’s the point.  Today’s Fabulous Friday Find is about Google’s Search Education.


This Google site is all about helping students (but aren’t WE ALL really students as lifelong learners?) become better searchers.  On the surface Google really is as simple as typing in a word or words in the one and only box on the page and either pushing Enter on the keyboard or clicking one of only two buttons underneath the one box.  So we think “I got this.  I know how to Google.”  And we might even think we really got this when we learn about using quotation marks and using the plus sign.  But there’s so much more and it takes time and practice but it’s so worth the effort.  Use Google Search Education to….

Can you imagine growing up with access to a library but NO librarian there to show you all about the library and how to use it?  Essentially this is what we’re doing to our students if we don’t take the time to teach them about Search Literacy throughout their K-12 education.  Our library skills evolved throughout our K-12 education experience and the same is true for search literacy.  It’s not something you learn in a day or week and then you’re done.  Just like any other form of literacy it takes time and practice!  So when you’re ready to learn more about searching and/or ready to teach your students more about searching check out Google’s Search Education.

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