Digital Portfolios with Google Sites

Let your students start their work collection today!

Digital portfolios are an incredibly easy and useful way to show an individual’s unique skills and talents. Students can create and use these sites to show growth in their work over a period of time. When applying to college, these sites give reviewers an in-depth look at real work created by the student.  Today many students struggle to assemble digital representations of their best work to submit with college applications.  By creating digital portfolios earlier in their educational experience, students set themselves up for greater success down the road.

google sites

Most students enjoy being able to clarify who they are, what makes them special, and view the evolution of their learning and critical thinking skills. Google Sites is a really simple (and FREE) way for students to take ownership of their work. Check out some samples from current students and see if Google Sites may be the perfect solution for your class.

Looking for a little more direction and want to watch some video tutorials? We’ve found this great resource to get you started!

One of the best features we may have to offer you is that we have our own Google domain and your students already have accounts created!! Just go to Google and have your students log-in using their email address and regular password and you’re off and ready to go. Don’t forget…Google Sites isn’t just for students, you can create your own teacher portfolio too! Google gives each user 10 GB of free storage space.

Let us know how you’re using Google Sites for digital portfolios! Happy Friday.


One thought on “Digital Portfolios with Google Sites

  1. My 4th graders are doing a photo story and writing an autobiography now. I’m going to try and incorporate this too. Thanks

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