Here’s another Fabulous Friday Find that should sound a little familiar as it’s been mentioned before as a great resource in various ways for Professional Development.  We wanted to formally spotlight it in our Fabulous Friday Find blog to remind our readers of the wealth of education information it has especially on Project Based Learning and Assessment, just two hot topics for us this year.  Take a moment to read about from its founder George Lucas.

Also, here are just a few examples of articles from and how you might find them of particular interest to you.

When you read this article you may think this is very similar to exhibition nights already happening at all our schools this school year as well.  The only difference really is their projects are completely student choice and they have all year to complete their work.

After reading this article you might think “YES! And….” I’ve heard of this before!  It’s always encouraging to read about other educators from around the world working towards the same instructional goals and implementing the same instructional changes in teaching.  While thinking of the “Project Tuning” activity we’ve implemented this year, you will find some similarities like the “Yes, and…” rule for instance.

And I think we’re all familiar with this author’s work.

And most importantly if you haven’t already,

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