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When I was a classroom teacher, my kids published a lot of books. We carefully finished our pages and then used the plastic spiral binder in the teachers’ room to bind the pages into book form. We would put them on display in the classroom or in the library. With technology, we now have even more tools available to us for publishing that can reach a much wider audience and in many more formats! This week’s Fabulous Friday Find is a website called Blurb.

Publishing is important. It gives students the opportunity to do their very best because their writing is headed for publication. We all know that real audiences make a difference. And you’ve probably seen this when a classroom assignment goes from being something that only the teacher will see to something peers and the whole school will see. Effort and results go up. Publishing also allows us to practice critique and write multiple drafts until we get the best final product.

This process, which involves acquisitions, editing, design, production, and marketing, allows every student to participate. The collaborative effort of publishing takes diverse interests and skills, and using publishing as a teaching tool will involve the entire classroom. Reading, writing, editing, calculating, programming, marketing, selling, acting, and modeling are just some of the skills used in different types of publishing. Other opportunities exist for students skilled in photography, videography, costume design, illustration, and production. By allowing students to take charge of each stage in the publishing process, they will find areas where they excel and specialize in them. Read this Unboxed issue from our friend Randy for more about exhibiting student writing.

So, why Blurb?

Blurb is a FREE site that allows users to make and sell their work. You get 100% of the profit! Blurb will also convert your print book into an ebook that users can download to their portable device. Their is no set-up fee or upfront costs and Blurb offers a support page to help with the publishing process. Check out this book that a Kindergarten class at Phenix published last year.

Book Ideas:

Photography Portfolios

Field Guides


Research Books


History of the Community


Books for Younger Students


3 thoughts on “Blurb – Self Publishing

  1. Looks like a great resource. I could see the front page of the Book from Phenix but not all 6 pages. It suggested that I download Google Chrome. Can I get this downloaded on my computer?

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