Virtual Field Trips

What a fabulous Friday to take a field trip!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could take field trips that relate to every topic we teach? Here is some fabulous news….you CAN!

Have you ever taken your students on a virtual field trip? If not, you’re missing a great opportunity. You can take your students outside the classroom without ever opening the door…even back in history! Like regular field trips, virtual field trips are designed to be entertaining and educational. Trips range from the simple, such as a photo tour of a famous museum, to extremely detailed. Some high-tech field trips offer video and audio segments to make the visit more interactive. See how the very first Thanksgiving took place and read letters from Pilgrim and Indian children here. However simple or complex, virtual field trips can take your students to a completely new world — and the trips are as close as your computer.

Where can you go on a field trip?

On a virtual field trip, you and your students can go just about anywhere on Earth — even to the moon!

So, if you want to take your class around the world, it’s never been easier. Your students can even create field trips on aspects of Charlotte County for others to experience and enjoy. Either way, the world and all its many wonders are waiting, just a click of the mouse away. See some of our favorites below.

·        Examine a life-size whale

·        Tour the inside of the White House

·        A virtual visit to the famous cave paintings in Lascaux, France

·        Travel to the first Thanksgiving

·        View The Great Wall of China in 360 degrees

·        Google’s Street View has hundreds of places to explore!

·        Visit Ellis Island in New York

·        National Museum of Natural History

·        View the Sistine Chapel in 360 degrees

·        A Virtual Zoo

·        A Trip to a Farm


4 thoughts on “Virtual Field Trips

  1. I’ve been wanting to take my students on virtual fieldtrips to Spain and other Latin American countries. Have you encountered any links for this?

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