We are pleased to present Fabulous Friday Find, a weekly post of a “find” from Emily and Jen to help you find the resources you need for your classroom.  You will receive an e-mail each Friday and in addition each “find” will be posted on a new blog, Fabulous Friday Find.  We hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments. Here’s your first Fabulous Friday Find!

Have you “Liked” us on Facebook yet?  If you’ve seen Charlotte County Public School’s Facebook page, you’re probably familiar with this picture.  We hope you “like” it!  Would you like to be able to create a collage such as this in a matter of seconds?!  Introducing…

Pick a folder, press a button, and a few minutes later AutoCollage presents you with a unique memento to print, email, or share how you like.  The best part is this is offered to educators only for FREE!  Who doesn’t like a “find” like this!  You should be able to find AutoCollage on any of our school computers.  Let us know if you have any questions or need additional help.


6 thoughts on “AutoCollage

  1. How impressive! Ecology students are creating a RH Tree Guide and I can see this being a part of their project.

  2. After seeing this unique collage software on the Fabulous Friday Find, I showed it to my Ecology students. We were just beginning an Adopt a Tree Project. After gathering the research and taking many pictures, they used this to create an amazing field guide for trees around the R-HHS campus.

    Please take a moment to see a sampling of their work on my sharepoint page.

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